My name is captain obvious. I can see and tell you things that are clear and shit. This guy doesn't know. You have no reason to think he does. It doesn't seem like he is using you for anything other than friendship. Keep lines of communication open.


ahahaha well, my thanks to you, Captain Obvious. Because I have a horrible tendency to over-think and worry and get anxious and stuff. 

I do want to keep the lines of communication open. I intend to. I’m trying not to think about my fear that he’s just simply not as into me, but then again if he’s not really thinking about it than maybe I just shouldn’t worry about it and ride it out.

Right? Just take things as they come?



Amanda Abbington ladies and gents.

Harsh realities need harsh words. Well said, Amanda.



Amanda Abbington ladies and gents.

Harsh realities need harsh words. Well said, Amanda.


girls are really attractive

boys are really attractive

non-binary people are really attractive

people don’t take enough selfies and I just wanna look at pretty people’s faces forever


I want a music video of I Wanna Be Yours where Alex is a complete mess and does all the stereotypical things girls do to get over a break up like cry a lot and eat ice cream in sweats while watching lifetime. Only then will I be satisfied.

“Young men need to be socialized in such a way that rape is as unthinkable to them as cannibalism.”

-Mary Pipher, Reviving Ophelia (via wetforest)

i have a really huge crush on you but i don't want to say anything bc you're really sweet and im just a small single lesbian and i don't wanna ruin anything that we have


aw babygirl it’s not going to ruin anything at all <3 don’t be afraid to tell me *hugs*

Did you tell that guy how you feel yet. If not you better have a good excuse.


yes and no. 

i spoke to him yesterday. i caved and messaged him on facebook when i saw he was online. my intention was to set up a day to hang out so that i could sit down and talk to him about everything. 

i even told him i missed him (actually, i said: kinda miss you, as cheesy as it is to say)

unfortunately, he’s a super busy guy (can’t get mad at him for it. he has bills to pay and an apartment to keep and he’s not my boyfriend *sighs*) so he kind of shot me down for my suggested plans.

i let it go for about forty five minutes, but then the things that you (i’m assuming this is the same anon, and if so WHO ARE YOU bc i would really like to thank you personally for pushing me to do this and calling me out on my shit) said to me about being honest were jangling around in my head, so i wrote up a long as message and sent it to him.

and basically i said to him that when i ask him to hang out with me or try to make plans, i don’t do it because i feel like i need him to take me out and spend money on me, or that i need him to have sex with me, or any of the things that we have been doing. and i clarified that i LOVE LOVEdoing those things, and especially the latter half i could do all day, but it’s not just about that for me. i told him straight up that i like hanging out with him, because i like him and I like getting to know him and being around him. I told him that i didn’t give a shit what we did, and i even said “I’d help you clean your apartment if you wanted lol” 

and he responded well, i think. he told me that he understood, and that i can and should always say how i’m feeling. he seemed genuinely pleased when i said that i felt better after saying it.

and then i told him that i was afraid of saying it initially because i didn’t want to make him uncomfortable (i didn’t, he said), and that it really comes down to that i don’t know how much is too much with him because i don’t know what he expects or what he wants.

so he said he didn’t expect anything (or not much) from me ((yes i asked him to elaborate and that’s what i got ffs it’s like talking to a wall i swear)) so then i asked him if he had given any thought to what he wanted

to which he replied “not really.” ((ugh))

so i told him that i wanted to ask because it’s important to me to know where i stand with him. and i told him that if he decides anything at all about me, to please let me know because i value honesty above all else

to which he said “haha alright” 

and then he said “i think you’re cool.” 

and so i told him i thought he was cool too, and that was the end of that. 

but that was yesterday and i haven’t heard anything at all since then. and i don’t know really how to take that. my friend and her boyfriend (who is basically the expert on my relationships and is my go-to for man advice) told me not to worry because he probably genuinely hasn’t given it any thought. but my sister said that it looks like he’s using me and he has no intention of ever thinking about it. but i just don’t know. 

and that’s as far as i got because i can’t really be like “you’re the best thing in my life and you make me so happy and i want to spend all my time with you and i could look at you and trace the shape of your lips forever and i would spend a lifetime counting and kissing each and every one of your beautiful freckles i have been utterly head over heels crazy about you since i was sixteen and being around you is so much better than i could ever imagine” when he’s replying like that. being all enigmatic and stuff. so idk. 

Golly, your fucking adorable.


Gosh, thank you so much, babe! Making me blush <3333